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Microgrid Comprehensive Solution

· The microgrid comprehensive solution is to ensure the stable and economically optimized operation of wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and other systems in the microgrid through the microgrid energy management control system.

· Make the power generation, power distribution, and power consumption equipment in the microgrid operate effectively and maximize their effectiveness. The functions of the microgrid energy management control system include data information collection and processing, database management, man-machine interface, equipment control, etc.

· Control functions include basic microgrid operation control, planned seamless switching control, seamless switching control under external faults, off-grid power balance optimization control, power fluctuation smoothing control, etc.

· The whole set of solutions includes the operation analysis and display of distributed power supply, micro-grid operation benefit analysis, overall optimization control of active power, overall optimization control of reactive power and voltage, and optimization control of power quality, etc.

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