About us

To build an innovative comprehensive science and technology energy group with core competitiveness

Zhongsheng Smart Energy Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a new power system strategic enterprise that builds the main framework of new energy and gives play to the advantages of smart energy.

In order to achieve the national "3060" dual-carbon strategic goal, the company focuses on the research and development of emerging energy technologies and services, provides customers with solutions, construction and operation in emerging technology fields such as photovoltaic, energy storage, charging pile, and expands the derivative business fields such as electricity energy trading, green electricity and green certificate trading, carbon asset management, and comprehensive energy. It is a large comprehensive group enterprise that actively participates in the electricity market and power auxiliary service market transactions, and provides customers with personalized energy professional and technical services.

Enterprise philosophy

Enterprise philosophy

The courage to go beyond enables the future

Courage to surpass: adhere to The Times, pioneering and innovative, dare to be the first, beyond the self, and constantly move towards higher standards and higher goals, build differentiated development advantages, and establish industry benchmarks. Enabling the future: Positioning to be an important contributor to clean energy and a firm practitioner of the "dual carbon" strategy.

Enterprise mission

Enterprise mission

It is committed to becoming the leader of smart energy services in China, providing low-carbon, distributed and digital green energy solutions for the majority of factories, enterprises and parks, helping customers to transition to low-carbon and fulfill their social responsibilities of sustainable development. Lay a solid foundation for innovative energy services to build a new type of power system.

Enterprise positioning

Energy ecosystem integrator

Clean and low-carbon energy providers

Advanced energy technology developer


  • Energy storage system business

    According to the call of the national peak and valley electricity price, balance the peak and valley electricity consumption, achieve peak load transfer, help enterprises save electricity costs, and solve the practical problem of peak power shortage.
    Reduce the loss of power outage for enterprises, cooperate with the power grid company's power demand side response, and obtain additional power subsidies for enterprises.

  • Photovoltaic power generation system business

    Help industrial and commercial users to establish rooftop photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic carsheds and other forms of green energy power stations.
    The use of idle resources such as corporate roofs and carports to maximize the role of reducing corporate energy consumption and electricity costs. And contribute to the national dual carbon strategy.

  • Electrical energy trading business

    Through the gathering of new energy projects, to participate in the electricity market trading on a certain scale.
    Focus on medium and long-term power market trading, spot power energy trading, power auxiliary services and retail user market trading.

  • Green electric green certificate trading business

    Coordinate the cooperation between power generation enterprises, electricity sales companies and enterprises, sell the surplus green energy (wind power, photoelectric or hydropower) to the enterprise users in need, and obtain the relevant green electricity and green certificates, meet the zero-carbon (low-carbon) business needs of enterprise users, and bring practical results for carbon emission reduction.

  • Carbon trading business

    Carry out carbon screening and carbon trading business in suitable enterprises.
    Help enterprises to accurately grasp their own carbon emissions equivalent, assist enterprises to purchase insufficient carbon indicators, so as to achieve the purpose of zero carbon (low carbon).

Core competence

Industrial advantage

Full service chain coverage, one-stop solution

The core business of the company is the investment, construction and operation of user-side energy storage power stations, supplemented by photovoltaic and distributed wind power as the secondary business, forming agglomeration effect through the construction of new energy business system, and providing customers with professional and comprehensive new energy ecological chain system services in the fields of electricity energy trading, green electricity trading, carbon trading and other fields.

Development planning

Enterprise development planning

Build new energy platform investment and operation enterprises

Regional layout

Zhejiang market as the initial market

Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces as follow-up markets

To the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta as the core market, and finally expand to the national market

Business development system

Core business: Investment, construction and operation of user-side energy storage power stations

Secondary line business: photovoltaic + distributed wind power

Future business development direction: electricity energy trading + green electricity trading + carbon trading

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